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  • Smart Home Assessment 
  • POE security cameras
  • Your new home with physical infrastructure installed during construction  
  • Customized smart home scheduling and control
  • Interface with all of your smart devices
  • Intrusion systems
  • State-of-the-art life safety Systems
  • Smart whole home audio

Innovative Smart Home Offerings


CE Smarthome offers an experienced team with advanced solutions in automating and scheduling your smart home above and beyond. Using geofencing and customized programing to make your smart home experience life enriching and seamless. Our infrastructure gives you the reliability and speed not offered with a la carte systems. We will work with you to identify key components integrating these systems to work through your existing devices.



 Be a learning organization of ambitious people committed to radical truth and radical transparency, by helping each other notice, observe and assess our ethics and capacities to produce satisfaction for all our “customers” with practical offers that manifest, demonstrate and display the highest of human virtues. 


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